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(last updated 20 Feb 2010)
I am doing genealogical research on the following families (names appearing multiple times are different lines):

Adamson Ahlborn Atkins Bates Bauer Beals Beck
Beeler Benchley Benkert Biggs Bill Blackmore Borden
Bowen Bowen Boyd Breedwell Brittain Burcham Cholmondy
Claycomb Clayton Collins Day de la Montaigne Dennis Dentzer
Dicks Engel Fowler Gains Geiger Gerls Giddens
Gift Gose Graves Gray Grumme Gwinnup Hancock
Harrold Henckel Hiatt Hibbs Hichman Hiser Hodgson
Hoffer(t) Holsapple Holt Hudson Hully Hurst Jackman
Kieffer Kelso Kesling Kiger Kirk Kirks Kurre
Lanckford Langley Larose Loehr Lybrook Macki Maddock
Meisecke Metcalf Miller Mills Muller Munson Murrey
Norcross Nunn Parrish Pell(e)y Phillips Ream Reese
Schadin Scheible Schultz Shively Simpson Smith Smith
Smith Smith Sprecher Stevens Stockdale Stone Stoner
Strother Sweringen Thatcher Thompson Truitt Turner Vaughn
Wentz Wiggins Wilson Woodhouse Yost

For more information, click on the specific family. Oldest known ancestor listed first in family group followed by child. (see Adamson for example)

John Adamson born 1782 married Ann ? (born 1782). 11 children. Lived in Randolph Co., NC 1820-1827, lived in Wayne Co., IN 1828-1830. Quaker [son John L. Adamson]

John L. Adamson born 1819 in NC married Sarah Hiatt. 4 children. Lived in Randolph Co., IN in 1860 and Jay Co., IN in 1870. Died 1872 in Jay Co., IN. [daughter Lydia A. Adamson]

Lydia A. Adamson born 1862 in IN. Married Joseph A. Shively. Died 1911 in Delaware Co., IN.

William Beals born about 1627 in England. Married about 1649 in England. Died in PA.

John Beals born 1657 in Wales, England. Married Mary Clayton about 1682 in Chester Co., PA. 7 children. Came to America (Salem, NJ) from England on the "Griffin" in 1675. In Chester Co., PA 1677-1711 (1704-death lived in Nottingham, Chester Co., PA). Died 1726. Quaker

Mary Ann Beals born 1692 Chester Co., PA. Married Richard Harrold. Died after 1740 in Frederick Co.,VA. Quaker

Charles Bowen born about 1814 in Virginia. Married Mary ? (born about 1812 in KY). 6 children. Lived in KY until 1850 then moved to Putnam Co., IN.

Elizabeth Ann Bowen born about 1837 in KY. Married William S. Hurst. Died 1914 probably in Putnam Co., IN.

James Bowen served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in the 7th VA Regiment. 1 known child.

Richard Jones Bowen born 1790 in VA. Married Elizabeth "Betsy" S. Kirks after 1808 probably in Mecklenberg Co., VA. 9 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1835-death. Died after 1861 probably in Putnam Co., IN. Baptist

Henry Bowen born 1818 in Mecklenberg Co., VA. Married Rachel Hibbs in 1843 in Putnam Co, IN. 8 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1844-death. Died 1908 in Hendricks Co., IN.

Thomas Wesley Bowen born 1855 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Patti Ann Vaughn in 1881 in Putnam Co., IN. 2 children. Married Nancy Hollingsworth in 1919 (marriage annulled). Died 1922 in Hendricks Co., IN.

Lee Raymond Bowen born 1892 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Anna Roxie Hurst in 1911 in Putnam Co., IN. 2 children. Died 1958 in Hendricks Co., IN.

James Burcham (also spelled Burchim) born about 1690 married Elizabeth Woodhouse (born about 1690). 1 known child.

Joseph Burcham born 1708 in NJ. Married Rebecca Borden (born about 1700, father James Borden) about 1730 in New Hanover Co., NC. Died 1775 in Anson Co., NC.

John Burcham born about 1738 in VA. Married Rosianna Sweringen ( born 1737 in Surry Co., NC) in 1758 in VA. Died about 1812 in Surry Co., NC.

Mary Burchim born 1760 in VA. Married John Hiatt. Died 1855 in Henry Co., IN.


Christoff Kleykamp born about 1575. Married Margreta Engle (born about 1577, died 1657 in Harste, Germany) about 1600. 4 children. Died before 1644 in Harste, Germany.

Hans Kleykamp born about 1615 in Harste, Germany. Married Anna Meisecke (born about 1607, died 1652 in Harste, Germany) before 1644. 3 children. Died 1677 in Harste, Germany.

Heinrich Kleikamp born 1644 in Harste, Germany. Married Maria Grumme (born 1657, died 1739 both in Harste, Germany)in 1678. 3 children. Died 1686 in Harste, Germany.

Hans Heinrich Kleikam born 1681 in Harste, Germany. Married Catherine Magdalena Kurre in 1707. 5 children. Died 1748 in Harste, Germany.

Johann Conrad Kleikham born 1712 in Germany. Married Maria Margaretha Gerls in 1744. 2 children. [2nd wife Anna Elizabetha Lutzen 10 children.] Came from Hamberg, Germany to PA in 1753. In Lancaster Co., PA in 1758. Lived in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV) 1782 through 1784. Died about 1784.

Johann Heinrich "Henry" Claycomb, Sr. born 1745 in Germany. Married Elizabeth ? (born 1751, died 1820) in VA about 1770. 6 children. Lived in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV) 1786 through 1810. Bought land in Bedford, Co., PA in 1811. Died in Bedford Co., PA 1821.

Henry Claycomb, Jr. born 1799 in VA. Married Susan Hully (born 1784 in VA, died 1841 in Jay Co., IN) in VA before 1809. 6 children. Lived in Belmont Co.,OH 1827-1830. In Licking Co., OH 1830. Moved to Jay Co., IN by 1838. Died in Jay Co., IN 1849. For information on the Claycomb Cemetery, click here.

Elizabeth Claycomb born 1809 in Berkley Co., VA. Married Jacob Hiser. Died 1845 in Jay Co., IN.

William Clayton. Married Margaret Cholmondy (died 1666).

Thomas Clayton born 1598. Married Mary Thompson.

William Clayton, Sr. born about 1600. Married Joan Smith (died 1644 probably in Boxgrove Parrish, Sussex, England) 1631 in Boxgrove Parrish, Sussex, England. 5 children. Died after Feb. 1658 probably in Sussex, England.

William Clayton, Jr. born 1625 in Boxgrove Parrish, Sussex, England. Married Prudence Mickle Lanckford (born 1631 in England, father William Lanckford, died in Chichester, PA) in 1653 in Chichester, Sussex, England. 7 children. Came to America from London on the "Kent" in Aug. 1677. Landed in Burlington, West (New) Jersey. Moved from Burlington to Chichester, Chester Co., PA in 1681. Acting governor of PA 1684-5. Died before 1689 probably in Chester Co., PA.

Mary Clayton born 1665 in Chichester, Rumboldswike Parish, Sussex, England. Married John Beals. Died before Dec. 1726 in Chester Co., PA.

William Day born about 1815 in TN married Jane ? (born TN). 9 known children. In Claiborne Co., TN in 1850.

James Wyly Day born 1835 in Claiborne Co., TN. Married Margaret Ann Gose in 1865 in Putnam Co, IN. 3 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1855-death. Died 1890 in Putnam Co., IN.

Laura Nancy Day born 1866 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Daniel Vorhees Hurst. Died 1934 in Putnam Co., IN.

Peter Dicks (also spelled Dicke, Dieks) Born about 1652 in Cheshire, England. Father was John Dicks, mother Phyllis ?. Married Esther Maddock. 2 children. Came to America (PA) in 1684 on the "Friendship". Lived in PA. Died 1704, Chester Co., PA.

Hannah Dicks born 1682 in Chester Co., England. Married Johnathan Thatcher. Died in Chester Co., PA.

Joseph Fowler born 1770. Married Sarah Metcalf (born 1773 in MD, died 1821 in Wayne Co., IN) about 1794 in NY. 10 children. In Essex Co., NY in 1800. Died 1815 in Essex Co., NY.

Alexander Fowler born 1814 in NY. Married Keziah Atkins (born 1812, NY, died 1875, buried in Deleware Co.,IN) in Delaware Co., IN in 1834. 12 childen. Lived in Delaware Co., IN 1840-47. Lived in Randolph Co., IN 1850-death. Married Elizabeth Richey, 1876 in Delaware Co., IN. Died 1887 Randolph Co., IN.
Read about where Alexander and Sarah are buried - the Friedline cemetery. Click here.

Sarah E. Fowler born 1837 in Delaware Co., IN. Married Isaac Shively. Married John Boice in 1873 in Randolph Co., IN. Died 1903 in Randolph Co., IN.

Johann Valentine Geiger born about 1660 in Kraichgau, Germany. Married Maria Barbara Bauer (born in Germany) about 1683. 1 known child.

Valentine Geiger I born 1685 in Baden, Germany. Married Johanna Frederica Henckel 1714 in Baden Germany. 7 children. Came to America 1717. Purchased land near Montgomery Co., PA 1718. In Philadelphia Co., PA in 1734. Died 1762, New Hanover Township, PA.

Valentine Geiger II born about 1718 in New Hanover Township, PA. Married Sarah ? 1747 in PA. 6 children. Died 1777, Northumberland Co., PA.

Jacob Geiger born about 1748 in Bucks Co., PA. Married Elizabeth Schultz 1776 in Frederick Co., MD. 7 children. Lived in Frederick Co., MD 1766-1786 then moved to Berkeley Co., VA. Died 1792, Berkeley Co., VA.

Anthony Geiger born 1776 in Frederick Co., MD. Married Mary Kirk 1797 in Berkeley Co., VA. 12 children. Lived in Berkeley Co., VA 1789-1805. Lived in Licking Co., OH 1805-1820. Moved to Whitley Co., IN after 1832. Died 1836, Whitley Co., IN

John Geiger born 1803 in Berkeley Co., VA. Married Ruth Kelso (born 1816 in Licking Co., OH, died 1901 in Blackford Co., IN). 6 children. Lived in Licking Co., OH until 1841, moved to Jay Co., IN. Lived in Jay Co., IN until death in 1881.

Sarah E. Geiger born 1833 in Licking Co., OH. Married Edwin Hudson. Died 1911 in Jay Co., IN.

Hans Gerls Married Anna Ahlborn. 2 children.

Maria Margaretha Gerls born 1714. Married Johann Conrad Kleikham. Died 1751 in Harste, Germany.

Edward Giddens Married Elizabeth ?. 6 children. Died about 1810 in Burke Co., NC.

Elizabeth "Betty" Giddens born 1780 in Wilkes Co., NC. Married Martin L. Miller. Died 1860 in Union Co., TN.

Nicholas Gift born about 1730 in Germany. Married Mary Catherine Wentz about 1760. 4 children. Came to America 1750 from South Germany near Ludwigshafen, landed in Philadelphia. Settled in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA 1755-1767. Went to VA in 1768 and to NC in 1777.

John Nicholas Gift born 1758 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. Married Regina Larose in 1784 in Guilford Co., NC. 9 children. Served in Revolutionary War. In NC in 1784, moved to TN then in 1804 to Preble Co., OH until death. Died 1825 in Preble Co., OH.

Elizabeth Gift born before 1795 in VA. Married Lewis Phillips. Died between 1830-1860.

Johann Stephen Gose born about 1738 in Strassbourg, Germany. Married Elizabeth Sprecher in 1778 (first wife was Catharina Specher). 4 children. Died 1799 in Wythe Co., VA.

Jacob Gose born 1779 in Wythe Co.,VA. Married Sara Rosanna Kesling (daughter of Richard and Elizabeth, born 1778 in England) in 1796 in Wythe Co., VA. 9 children. Lived in wythe Co., VA 1810-1820. Died 1846 in Wythe Co., VA.

John Gose born 1799 in Wythe Co.,VA. Married Mary Yost (born about 1808 in VA, died 1877 probably in Putnam Co., IN.)1825 in Wythe Co., VA. 12 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1834 until death. Died 1862 probably in Putnam Co., IN.

Margaret Ann Gose born 1838 in IN. Married James Wylie Day. Died 1926, probably in Putnam Co., IN.

Read about the John Gose family cemetery! Click here for more information.

(also spelled Gwinup, Guinup, Guinnup, Guinap)

George Gwinnup born about 1700. Married Martha de la Montaigne 6 known children.

John Gwinnup born 1716 in Burlington, NJ. Married Anne Brittain (born in Monmouth, NJ) 1749 in NJ. 6 known children.

George Gwinnup born 1754 in NJ. Married Margaret Simpson (born about 1766 in NJ, died about 1857 probably in Hamilton Co., OH) in 1784 in Morris Co., NJ. 11 known children. In Hamilton Co., OH 1810-1840. Died 1840 in Hamilton Co., OH.

John C. Gwinnup born 1785 in Morris Co., NJ. Married Theodocia "Dora" Norcross (born about 1790 in N.J., died 1867 in Rush Co., IN). 4 known children. In Hamilton Co., OH in 1820, moved to Rush Co., IN about 1821. Died 1873 in Rush Co., IN.

Sarah Gwinnup born 1811 in OH. Married John Kiger. Died 1903 in Hancock Co., IN.

John Hancock born 1753 probably in Hanover Co., VA. Married Nancy Ann Graves (born 1756 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Died 1846 Butler Co., OH.). 11 children. Died 1774 probably in Louisa Co., VA.

John A. Hancock born 1786 probably in Louisa Co., VA. Married Louisa "Lucy" Smith 12 children. Lived in Butler Co., OH 1820-1840. Died before 1850 in Butler Co., OH.

Joseph Hancock born about 1825 in Butler Co., OH. Married Mary Pelly 1849 Butler Co., OH. 4 children. In Butler Co., OH 1850-1860. Died 1860.

Harrison Hancock born 1857 in Butler Co., OH. Married Fanny E. Kieffer. Lived in Marion Co., IN 1873-death. 1 child. 2nd wife Louella M. Russell. 1 child. Died 1900 in Marion County, IN.

Ruby Hancock born 1874 in Marion Co., IN. Married Charles Henry Kiger. Died 1942 in Hancock Co., IN.

Jonathan Harrold 7 known children

Richard Harrold born about 1683 probably in England. Married Mary Ann Beals in 1710 in Chester Co., PA. 7 children. Was in Frederick Co., MD before 1730. Died before 1730. Quaker

Elizabeth Harrold born 1711 in Chester Co., PA. Married Thomas Mills. Died 1771 in Guilford Co., NC.

Anthony Jacob Henckel 1668 in Mehrenberg, Germany. Married Maria Elizabeth Dentzer (born 1671 in Birkenau, Germany) 1692 in Kirchain Germany. 7 children. Came to America (Pennsylvania) 1717. Died 1728, Germantown, PA.

Johanna Frederica Henckel born 1694 in Baden, Germany. Married Valentine Geiger I Died about 1739, new Hanover Township, PA.

John Hiett born 1658 in England. Married Mary Smith (born anout 1677 in England, died after 1745 in PA) 3 known children. Came to America about 1699. Died after 1726 in Bucks Co., PA.

John Hiatt born 1696 in England. Married Rachel Wilson (born 1698 Westmoreland, England, died about 1746 in Frederick Co., VA) in 1722. 11 children. 2nd wife was Margaret Stevens. Died 1764 in Frederick Co., VA.

William Hiatt born 1735 in Jefferson Co., WV. Married Susanna Hodgson (born 1734 in Chester Co., PA, died 1782 in Surry Co., NC) in 1754 in Jefferson Co., WV. 12 children. Died 1834. Quaker.

John Hiatt born 1756 in Guilford Co., NC. Married Mary Burcham 1783 in Surry Co., NC. 11 children. Died in IN. Quaker

John Hiatt born 1791 in Grayson Co., VA. Married Charity Hodgson 1813 in Highland Co., OH. 10 children. Lived in Henry Co., IN 1830-death. Died 1859 in Henry Co., IN. Quaker.

Sarah Hiatt born 1829 in IN. Married John L. Adamson. Died before 1870.

Samuel Hibbs born 1792. Married Rosamond ? (born 1794, died 1849 in Putnam Co., IN). 7 known children. Probably lived in TN, moved to Putnam Co., IN by 1826. Died in Putnam Co., IN in 1849.

Rachel Hibbs born 1824 in TN. Married Henry Bowen. Died 1892 probably in Putnam Co., IN.

Jacob Hiser born 1809 in Licking Co., OH. Married Elizabeth Claycomb. 5 children. Early settler (1838) of Jay Co., IN and lived there until death. Married Elizabeth Roby in 1845. Died 1875 in Jay Co., IN.

George Washington Hiser born 1835 in Licking Co., Ohio. Married Susannah Phillips in 1862 in Jay Co., IN. 2 children. Lived in Jay Co.,IN. Died 1879 in Jay Co., IN.

Elizabeth Jane Hiser born 1869 in Jay Co., IN. Married George Washington Hudson. Died 1937 in Jay Co., IN.

Robert Hodgson born about 1540 in Skipton, England. 1 known child.

William Hodgson born 1591. Married Isabell Stockdale (born 1590, died 1667) 2 known children. Died 1675

Robert Hodgson born 1621 in Yorkshire, England. 10 known children. Came to America ("New Amsterdam") in 1657. Died 1690.

Robert Hodgson born 1659. Married Sarah ? 9 known children. Died 1732 in Chester Co., PA..

George Hodgson born 1701 in Yorkshire, England. Married Mary Dix Thatcher 1729 in New Castle Co., DE. 6 children. Died 1774 in Guilford Co., NC. Quaker.

John Hodgson born 1731 in Chester or Rowan Co., PA. Married Mary Mills 1754 in Rowan Co., NC. 10 children. Died 1804 in Guilford Co., NC. Quaker.

John Hodgson born 1759. Married Naomi Macki before 1780 in NC. 6 children.

Charity Hodgson born 1790 in NC. Married John Hiatt. Died 1863 in Henry Co., IN. Quaker.

George Hodgson born 1701 (see above - Susannah and John (born 1731) above are siblings)

Susanna Hodgson born 1734 in Chester, PA. Married William Hiatt. Died 1782 in Surry Co., NC. Quaker.

Joseph Hoffer(t) died 1797. Married Anna ? Lived in Lancaster Co., PA 1797. 6 known children.

John Hoffert Married Elizabeth Stoner. Lived in Lancaster Co., PA 1829. 10 children. Died before about 1830.

Henry Hudson born about 1541 in England. 2 children. (father of Henry Hudson the explorer)

William Hudson born about 1575 in London, England. Married Alice Turner. 1 known child.

Richard Hudson born about 1605 in Staffordshire, England. Married Mary ? (born in VA, died about 1653 in Accomack Co., VA) about 1638 in Accomack Co., VA. 6 children. Died 1657 in Northampton Co., VA.

Henry Hudson, Sr. born about 1642 in Accomack Co., VA. Married Lydia Smith about 1664. 11 children. Died 1710 in Somerset Co., MD.

Henry Hudson, Jr. born 1669 in Somerset Co., MD. Married Ellis (Eliza?) Dennis (born 1673 in Somerset Co., MD, died before 1743 in Somerset Co., MD.). 8 children. Died before 1721 in Somerset Co., MD.

Dennis Hudson, Sr. born about 1700 in Worcester Co., MD. Married Eleanor Truitt. 3 known children. Died before 1761 in Worcester Co., MD.

Dennis Hudson, Jr. married Deborah ?. 8 known children.

Thomas Hudson born about 1776. Married Nancy Collins. 1 known child. In Ohio about 1805.

Joshua Hudson born 1803 in MD. Married Mary Gray (born 1802 in PA, married William Corwin about 1841, died 1864 in Randolph Co., IN) in Pickaway Co., OH in 1825. 9 children. In Franklin Co., OH 1827-1830. In Randolph Co., IN in 1833. In Jay Co., IN in 1834. Died 1837 in Jay Co., IN.

Edwin Hudson born 1828 in Franklin Co., OH. Married Sarah E. Geiger in 1850 in Jay Co., IN. 8 children. Lived in Jay Co., IN 1850-death. In Co. F, 12th Reg., Indiana Vol. Infantry in Civil War. Died 1897 in Jay Co., IN.

George Washington Hudson born 1863 in Jay Co., OH. Married Elizabeth Jane Hiser in 1892 in Jay Co., IN. 8 children. Lived in Jay Co., IN. Died 1942 in Jay Co., IN.

Edward Hurst born about 1480 in Oxford, England. Married Alice ?. 4 known children. Died 1539 in Oxford, England.

Richard Hurst born 1510 in Oxford, England. Married Alice ?. 11 children. Died 1580 in Oxford, England.

Christopher C. Hurst born 1530 in Oxford, England. Married Joan Benchley (born 1531, Buckinghamshire, England, died 1600, Buckinghamshire England)in 1549 in Buckinghamshire, England. 11 children. Died 1613 in Buckinghamshire, England.

William Hurst born 1573 in Buckinghamshire, England. Married Margey Blackmore (daughter of John and Margory Hichman, born 1580 in Oxford, England, died 1648 in Oxford, England) in 1601. 10 children. Died 1637 in Buckinghamshire, England.

Christopher Hurst born 1612 in England. Married Catherine Biggs (born about 1614 in England, died 1681 in Page Co., VA) about 1639. 5 children. Died 1659 in Buckinghamshire, England.

William Hurst born 1640 in Buckinghamshire, England. Married Ann Stakely Boyd in 1660 in England. 9 children. Died 1700 in Buckinghamshire, England.

Henry Hurst born 1659 in Buckinghamshire, England. Married Mary Bill (born in Buckinghamshire, England, died in Orange Co., VA) in in England. 3 children. Died 1717 in Orange Co., VA.

John Hurst born 1699 in Buckinghamshire, England. Married Margaret Elizabeth Beeler (born 1703 in Frederick Co., VA, died in Orange Co., VA) in 1734 in Orange Co., VA. 5 known children. Died 1747 in Frederick Co., VA.

John Hurst known as "Mill Creek John", born 1735 in Orange Co., VA. Served in Revolutionary War. Married Nancy Nunn in 1759. 9 children. Married Elizabeth (Biddle) Breedwell (died 1840 in Putnam Co., IN) in 1789 in Shenandoah Co., VA. 8 children. Purchased land in Wyeth Co., VA. about 1797. About 1803 purchased land in Claiborne Co., TN. Died 1817 in Claiborne Co., TN.

William Hurst born 1796 in Wyeth Co., VA. Married Fannie Nunn (born about 1790 in VA died 1873. 7 children. In Claiborne Co., TN about 1803. Purchased land in Putnam Co., IN in 1823. Died 1849 in Putnam Co., IN.

Jackson Columbus Hurst born 1816 in Claiborne Co., TN. Married Louisa Miller. in 1835 in Putnam Co., IN. 7 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN. Married Alcy J. Talbott (Hunter) in 1880. Died 1891 in Putnam Co., IN.

William S. Hurst born 1836 in IN. Married Elizabeth Ann Bowen. in 1853 in Putnam Co., IN. 12 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN. Died 1883 in Putnam Co., IN.

Daniel Vorhees Hurst born 1866 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Laura Nancy Day in 1887 in Putnam Co., IN. 3 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN. Died 1946 in Putnam Co., IN.

Anna Roxie Hurst born 1890 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Lee Raymond Bowen. Died 1973 in Putnam Co., IN.

Ferdinand Kieffer (also spelled Kiefer/Keifer/Keefer) born 1816 in Carroll Co., MD (may have brother, John). Married Margaret B. Loehr in 1838 in Hancock Co., IN. 9 children. In Hancock Co., IN 1836-83. In Vigo Co., IN 1883- death in 1891.

Fanny E. Kieffer born 1854 in IN. Married Harrison Hancock. Died 1936 in Hancock Co., IN.

Joseph Kelso born 1763 in VA. Married Mary ? (born about 1770 in VA., died after 1836) 13 children. In Fairfield Co., OH 1806, Licking Co., OH 1810-death. Died in 1836.

Ruth Kelso born 1816 in Licking Co., OH. Married Joseph Geiger. Died 1901 in Blackford Co., IN.

John Kiger,Sr born about 1775 in VA?. Married Sarah J. Parrish (born about 1775 in VA, died after 1831 in Rush Co., IN father Joseph Parrish) in 1791 in Mason Co., KY. 8 children. In Mason Co., KY in 1790, in Campbell Co., KY in 1795, in Dearborn Co., IN in 1807, in Franklin Co., IN 1814-1823, in Rush Co., IN in 1823-1833. Died after 1833 probably in Hancock Co., IN.

John Kiger, Jr born 1808 in OH. Married Sarah Guinup 1830 in Rush Co., IN. 8 children. Was a pioneer of Rush Co., IN. In Rush Co., IN in 1830. Died 1845 in Hancock Co., IN. Sarah in Hancock Co., IN 1850-death.

John J. Kiger born 1839 in IN. Married Elizabeth J. Wiggins 1861 in Hancock Co., IN. 7 children. Was an early landowner of Rush Co., IN. In Civil War in 5th Indiana, 19th Reg., Co. G 1862-65. In Hancock Co., IN 1870-1910. Moved to Marion Co., IN 1910. Died 1916 in Marion Co., IN.

Charles Henry "Charlie" Kiger born 1875 in Hancock Co. IN. Married Ruby Hancock 1898 in Marion Co., IN. 1 child. Died 1963 in Hancock Co., IN.

Joseph Kirk. Married Sarah ?. 4 known children.

Mary Kirk born 1774 in Berkeley Co., VA. Married Anthony Geiger. Died 1832 Licking Co., OH.

Hildebrand Kurre, Jr.. Married Margretha Muller. 5 children.

Catherine Magdalena Kurre born 1682, died 1747 both in Harste, Germany. Married Hans Heinrich Kleikam.

John Ludwig Larose born 1725 in Germany. Married Anna Kunigunda Schadin (born 1726 in Germany, died after 1787). 9 children. Came to Northampton Co., PA from Germany in 1740. Died before 1781 (probably in PA).

Regina Larose born 1763 in PA(?). Married John Nicholas Gift. Died 1859 in Preble Co., OH.

Frederich Peter Loehr born about 1692 in Wallhalben. Germany. Married Maria Catherina ? (born about 1712, died 1775 both in Wallhalben, Germany). 11 children. Died 1774 in Wallhalben, Germany.

Johann Daniel Loehr born 1744 probably in Pirmasens, Germany. Married Mary Benkert. 1 known children. Died 1794 in Frederick Co., MD.

Jacob Loehr born 1784 in Frederick Co., MD. Married Mary Langley (father was James Langley, born 1791 in VA, died 1861 in IN) in 1809 in Washington Co., VA. 9 children. Died 1846 in Hamilton Co., IN.

Margaret B. Loehr born 1814 in Washington Co., VA. Married Ferdinand Keiffer. Died 1881 in Hancock Co., IN.

Baltzar Lybrook married Catherine Ream (born before 1736 in Germany, died 1815) in 1754 in Lancaster, PA. 6 children. Came to America from Netherlands in 1750. Died 1802 probably in Montgomery Co., VA.

Catherine Lybrook born 1761 in VA. Married Hezekiah Phillips. Died 1840 in Preble Co., OH.

Nathan Maddock born in England probably about 1640. Married Alice ? (born about 1640 in England). 2 known children.

Esther Maddock born 1661 in Cheshire, England. Married Peter Dicks. Died 1709 in Chester Co., PA or VA.

Martin Luther Miller born in 1758 in Heidleberg, Germany. Married Sarah Ann Ritchie. 4 children Married Elizabeth "Betty" Giddens 9 children. Served in Rev. War. Lived in/around Claiborne Co., TN. Died 1838 in Union Co., TN.

Martin Miller born about 1792 in Claiborne Co., TN. Married Anna Murrey (born in TN, father John Murrey). 7 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1840-death. Died 1890 in Putnam Co., IN.

Louisa Miller born 1816 in TN. Married Jackson Hurst. Died 1876 probably in Putnam Co., IN.

John Mills born about 1660 in England. Married Sarah Harrold (died 1759) before 1688. 1 known child. Came to America 1682. Died 1704 in Philadelphia, PA.

John Mills born 1687 in Chester Co., PA. Married Rachel Bates (born 1690, died 1740 in MD) 1708 in Chester Co., PA. 5 children. About 1733, moved from Chester Co., PA to near Winchester, VA. In 1752, received a patent for land in what is now Berkeley Co., WV. In 1752 moved to NC. Died 1760 in Rowan Co., NC. Quaker

Thomas Mills born 1709 in Chester Co., PA. Married Elizabeth Harrold 1730 in Frederick Co., VA. 7 children. Moved from VA to NC in 1753. Received a land grant in 1759 in Rowan Co., NC. Died 1793 in Guilford Co., NC. Quaker.

Mary Mills born 1737 in PA. Married John Hodson. Died 1804.

Ozadock or Zadock Pell(e)y Married Nancy Reese (born 1806 in KY. Died 1813 in Campbell Co., KY.). 1 known child.

Mary Pelly born 1818 in Butler Co., OH. Married Joseph Hancock. Died 1926 in Marion Co., IN. Other spouses after Hancock were ? Singer, Zenas Atherton, George Scott and Phimis Rader.

Hezekiah Phillips born 1740 in England. Married Catherine Lybrook in Montgomery Co., VA in 1780. 11 children. Came from Wales and settled in MA in 1761 or 1765. Served in Revolutionary War (residence listed as VA). Moved to GA then to TN near Clinck Mountain. About 1798 in Gratis Twp., Preble Co., OH. In 1804 in Winchester, Gratis Twp., Preble Co., OH. Died 1811 in Winchester. For information on Hezekiah Phillips and the Phillips-Brubaker Cemetery, click here.

Lewis Phillips born 1793 in Grainger Co.(?), TN. Married Elizabeth Gift 1816 in Preble Co., OH. 7 children. Served in War of 1812. Married Christina Robbins in 1833 in Darke Co., OH. In Preble Co., OH 1820. In Darke Co., OH 1824-1850. In Jay Co., IN in 1860. Died 1878 in Jay Co., IN.

Phillip Phillips born 1817 in OH. Married Elizabeth Holsapple (born 1822 in OH, died 1866 in Jay Co., IN) 1839 in Darke Co., OH. 10 children. In Jay Co., IN 1851-death. Died 1901 in Jay Co., IN.

Susannah Phillips born 1844 in OH. Married George Washington Hiser. Died 1889 in Jay Co., IN.

Martin Scheible Married Elizabeth Hoffert 1798 in Lancaster, PA. 4 children. Lived in Lancaster Co., PA 1796-1801.

Martin Shively born about 1801 in PA. Married Susannah ? (born about 1806 in PA, died 1872 Jay Co., IN). 6 children. Lived in Richland Co., OH 1830-1840s then Delaware Co., IN 1850-1860.

Isaac Shively born 1828 in OH or PA. Married Sarah E. Fowler. 7 children. Lived in Delaware Co., IN 1850-1866 and Jay Co., IN 1870-death. Died 1871 in Jay Co., IN.

Joseph Shively born 1856 in IN. Married Lydia A. Adamson. 7 children. Lived in Delaware Co., IN 1903-04, Randolph Co., IN 1908, Delaware Co., IN 1911-1922, and Marion Co., IN in 1926. Married Mary Bevilhymer in 1912 in Delaware Co., IN. Died 1926 in Marion Co., IN.

Henry Smith born in 1732 in Culpepper Co., VA. Married Winifred Holt (daughter of Richard Holt III and Phoebe ?, born about 1730 in King & Queen Co., VA. Died 1813 in Campbell Co., KY.). 9 children. Lived in Campbell Co., KY 1806-1816. Died before Sept. 1823.

Louisa "Lucy" Smith born 1788 in Virginia. Married John A. Hancock. Died 1870 in Butler Co., OH.

Johann Christopher Sprecher born 1699 in Baden, Germany. Married Maria Ernestine Beck (born 1705 in Baden, Germany, died about 1755 Montgomery Co., PA) in Baden, Germany. 3 known children. Died about 1767 in Rowan Co., NC.

Elizabeth Sprecher born about 1742 in PA. Married Johann Stephen Gose. Died 1790 in Wythe Co., VA.

Spencer Stone Born 1755 in VA. Married Nancy "Sally" Smith (born 1757 in Farquier Co., VA, died 1813 Lincoln Co., KY. Father Thomas Smith of Ireland and Mary Jackman) 1777 in Culpeper Co., VA. Lived in Lincoln Co., KY 1818-1820. Died 1822 Gibson Co., IN. 9 children.

John Thomas Stone born 1779 in Culpeper Co., VA. Married Sally Gains (born 1782 in KY. parents William Gains and Ann Strother) 1799 in Mercer Co., KY. 11 children. Lived in Lincoln Co., KY 1810-1859. Died 1859 in Lincoln Co., KY.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Stone born 1814 in Lincoln Co., KY. Married Thompson Vaughn1834 in Lincoln Co., KY. 11 children. Lived in Putnam Co., IN 1864-death. Died 1893 in Putnam Co., IN.

Abraham Stoner Died about 1801. 10 children.

Elizabeth Stoner Married John Hoffer(t).

Richard Thatcher married Jane Stevens. 2 known children. Probably lived and died in England.

Jonathan Thatcher born 1667 in England or Chester Co., PA. Married Hannah Dicks about 1699. 10 children. Died 1751 in Chester Co., PA.

Mary Dix Thatcher born 1712 in Chester Co., PA. Married George Hodson. Died in Guilford Co., NC.

Thompson Vaughn born 1814 in KY (parents born in VA). Married Elizabeth "Betsy" Stone in 1834 in Lincoln Co., KY. 11 children. Died 1888 in Putnam Co., IN.

Patti Ann Vaughn born 1855 in KY. Married Thomas Wesley Bowen. Died in Hendricks Co., IN in 1918.

Jonas Wiggins born about 1799 in KY. Married Dorcas Munson (born 1803 in KY, died 1896, died in Hancock Co., IN). 8 children. In Henry Co., IN in 1840, in Hancock Co., IN in 1850.

Elizabeth J. Wiggins born 1842 in IN. Married John J. Kiger. Died 1924 in Marion Co., IN.

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